What’s in a Name?

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Boredelius, wondermomentous, pamjam, hodgepogeny…


Thanks for all the words of encouragement for my first ever blog post! You guys are so awesome! Thankfully  the majority of the message I received were positive, (except for one troll person who told me to stick my head up my butt, “gee no thanks”). There was a common theme in alot of the messages … “What the heck is a hodgepogeny!?”  and to be honest I have no idea. More


A Blog Eh?

“A blog eh?” is what my father said to me when I told him I was starting one. Clearly he thinks blogging is not the best way to spend one’s free time. He was even more cynical once I told him it would be about gaming (another not so great way to spend ones free time).  *Psssh* What does he know anyway, but as I sat down to begin writing I was wondering if he may not be right after all. *Gulp* Well here goes …


Welcome to my blog! That’s seems so weird to say, me a blog? Why are these first posts so awkward? Well let me just get right down to it. I love video games. It’s a great way to unwind after a hard day and you meet many interesting people along the way, some of which end up becoming friends for life. It was always a dream of mine to start a blog about the games I play but let’s face it putting your thoughts out to the world can be nerve-wracking. So I decided to start of with the Sims3 because out of all the games I play, I have been playing the Sims series for the longest. More

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